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The Bottoms That Every Woman Should Own

In order for a women’s wardrobe to be deemed a success, it must contain some certain key pieces that will go with all of the other items of clothing and accessories that are in there. This is particularly true for women’s designer bottoms, as these really are the cornerstone of any good outfit. For a pair of designer bottoms that will instantly make any wardrobe a success, visit Yokako Bottoms

Smart Pants

Regardless of whether you are wearing them for work, for a special occasion, or just to go to the shop in, when it comes to a pair of women’s designer pants, it’s all about getting the fabric, the fit, and the length all right. Master this and you will be able to wear them all year round and in any setting. Depending on your figure, you can opt for a wide-leg, straight leg, or ankle style yokako designer bottoms.


A good old fashioned pair of ladies designer jeans makes the list for the bottoms that every woman should own. The reason for this is that they can be paired up with both dressy and more casual items of clothing to make them suitable for a range of different occasions. For the greatest level of versatility, opt for a pair of yokako jeans in a dark rinse as these can be mixed and matched with practically anything.

Cargo Trousers

The reason why every woman out there needs a pair of cargo trousers in their armoury is that they make you look good, no matter what your figure is, and have that little bit of edginess to them in comparison to a regular, plain pair of chino designer pants. To ensure that they go with everything else that’s in your wardrobe, go for neutral tones, such as caramels and greens. There is also the option with these yokako designer trousers to go for a straight leg or ankle.