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The Best Dresses For Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is the first step in finding the perfect dress to wear for your best friend’s wedding, for a first date with the man of your dreams, or for an interview for your dream job. For most women, their body shape will fall into one of four types – apple / round, athletic, pear / triangle, or hourglass. Regardless of which one of these that you are, there is a designer womens dress out there that fits you perfectly and works to really show off all of your features.

Apple / Round

An apple body shape sees women carry most of their weight around their midsection and usually have a waist that is undefined with slim legs. Any womens designer dress that brings attention to the upper part of the body is a good option. Women with apple bodies tend to have good legs so try wearing a yokako mini dress to really show off those pins.


Where a woman’s hips are slightly narrower than her shoulders, she is said to have an athletic body shape. The key for these women is to wear a designer yokako dress that fills out the hips in order to balance out with the upper body, so should go for ones that have ruffles or some sort of embellishment on them. Designer yokako dresses with a low waist or A-line shapes are particularly flattering.

Pear / Triangle

With a pear shaped body, women have large thighs and hips whilst their upper body area is thinner. Because of this, they really suit a full or A-line skirt that covers their hips, dresses with a v-style neckline, fitted open necks, and even strapless tops. By wearing a yokako dress that has detailing on the bust, it will give a much greater balance to their appearance.


Those women that have hips and bust in perfect proportion look best in yokako designer dresses that have firm fitting tops, cinched in waistline, open necklines, and v-style necklines. This makes a wrap designer ladies dress with a belted waist the perfect option for those women that have an hourglass body shape.

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