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Top Tips For Wearing Lounge Wear In Public

There’s no doubt about it that the number one fashion trend of lockdown has been lounge wear. After all, a yokako lounge set is absolutely perfect for lying on your sofa all day binging on Netflix, for doing some gentle exercise in your garden, and for doing quizzes with friends and family over Zoom. The basic style and comfort of wearing womens designer lounge wear is what really attracts people to this highly popular fashion trend.

Whilst a yokako designer lounge set is intended to be worn indoors, more and more people are opting to wear this comfy type of clothing when going out in public to do everyday tasks, such as doing the shopping or getting a bite to eat. However, when opting to wear yokako lounge wear in public, there are a number of things that you can do in order to look as chic as possible.

The first of these is adding a cool pair of trainers to your outfit. Rather than going for a pair that you’d wear down the gym, instead go for ones that have a chunkier sole – something like a pair of Vans or Adidas Yeeyzs are ideal to go along with yokako comfy clothing. To see the full range visit Yokako Lounge Wear

By wearing a matching womens designer lounge set, you will look more like you have gone out dressed like that on purpose and less like you have just popped to get some milk from the shop – this is not a good look and one that very few people can pull off.

Something that works well with ladies yokako lounge wear is some sort of light layer or third piece of clothing. Adding a layer or two, is a great way of pulling the look of wearing lounge wear in public together. For when it is cooler outside, why not wear a trench coat that coordinates well with a yokako hoodie set. Once it starts to get warmer out, add a thin denim jacket or even a longline cardigan to finish off the look. By wearing layers with yokako lounge pants, it will help to make your outfit look that bit more complete. However, it is important to be aware that if you get it wrong and add a layer that is very loose or ill fitting, then it can add bulk and make you appear somewhat sloppy. Instead, keep clean lines and a solid structure to your outfit.