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How To Make A Basic Top More Fashionable

Most women out there have at least a few basic tops hanging in their wardrobe or at the very back of a closet. No matter what the occasion is, a designer ladies tops will never let you down. They can be worn for day-to-day tasks, such as going to the gym or for sleeping in, as well as for going out for lunch or even for work. However, due to the simplicity of a ladies designer shirt, they are overlooked by many women for being boring and not looking fancy enough. However, this is not true of the tops at Yokako Tops

Whilst this may be true when they are worn on their own, when paired with another item of clothing or an accessory, a basic top can become pretty much anything that you want it to be. There are so many ways that yokako tops can be transformed into an integral part of any woman’s clothing collection.

Make A Statement

Wearing a key piece of statement jewellery with a basic yokako sleeveless top really can make a huge difference. All of a sudden, something that was quite boring before, now appears much more fancy and is ideal for when you’re heading out to lunch or for coffee with friends. When wearing designer vest tops that have a low V-neck, match it with  a more chunky and tactile pendant necklace of some sort.

Wear The Right Pair Of Shoes

Despite the fact that your shoes are quite some way from your top, the type of footwear that you have on can actually have a huge impact on the ladies designer shirt that you have on. Although the right pair of shoes is dependent on the rest of your outfit, heels are always a good bet as they give you a much more streamlined look and help to offset the casual nature of the basic top.

Add A Jacket

Most of the time, all that a basic top needs is an element of layering added to it. Doing this really helps to spice up your whole look. Try experimenting with jackets of different fits and lengths in order to find the perfect match for your designer sleeveless top. For a more comfy approach, which is ideal during those cooler autumn months, ditch the jacket and add a chunky knit cardigan instead.